Hot Stone Accessories

Accessory items and spare parts for the Hot Stone

All spare parts and a large range of accessory items are available whenever required for our Lucullus Table System. The Lucullus accessories and Lucullus spare parts can, to a large extent, also be used for all other common hot stone systems.

Should you need a replacement stone or any other spare parts for the Hot Stone, sufficient quantities are always obtainable. We offer the standard stone 16 x 16 x 3 cm, suitable for most hot stone versions in after-sales at a particularly favourable price! And not least, of proven quality.

We have added a special cooking film to our range for our latest further development in the Hot Stone sector. In combination with our new hollowed-out Lucullus Table System this paves the way for the Hot Stone to an endless range of preparation options.

All individual items and spare parts are available in sufficient numbers ex-warehouse Mainz and available for immediate delivery. Simply contact us, we are glad to advise and support you.

Lucullus Table System spare parts

  • Spare parts for the Lucullus Table System
  • Accessories for the Lucullus Table System
  • Special oven for the Lucullus Table System
  • Universal spare parts for hot stone systems
  • Revolutionary impact of Carta Fata on the Hot Stone

Lucullus set Lucullus accessories
Lucullus-Tafel Zubehör Lucullus-Zubehör
Special Lucullus oven Universal spare parts
Lucullus-Spezialöfen Universal-Ersatzteile
Carta FaTa
Carta Fata

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