Hot Stone Preparation

Preparation of the Hot Stone for the perfect dinner

The ideal cooking temperature on the Hot Stone is within the range of min. 280°C – 300°C. To achieve sufficient cooking time you should not undercut this temperature otherwise the stone does not remain warm as required.

The correct temperature is decisive

Always take care that the steatite is heated slowly when used for the first time or used again if the temperature of the stone is decisively different to ambient temperature.

There are different ways to heat the steatite to the necessary temperature.

Heat the Hot Stone using a direct flame:

  • Gas oven – a flame trap is a must!
  • Fireplace
  • Grill
  • Embers

(using a direct flame always take care that the heating process is not too quick which may cause tension and thus cracks in the stone!)

Heat the Hot Stone using an indirect flame:

  • Electric oven
  • Gas oven

The best heating time and maintaining the temperature while dishes are being prepared – roughly:

Time required using a direct flame:

  • Heating time – Hot Stone approx. 30 minutes
  • Remaining preparation time approx. 60 minutes

Time required using an indirect flame (oven at 280°C – 300°C):

  • Heating time approx. 60 minutes
  • Remaining preparation time approx. 60 minutes

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