Business start-up in gastronomy

Gourmet concept Hot Stone

The Lucullus Table System is simply the perfect trigger for start-ups; an innovative gastronomy idea which grows with the creativity of its users. Many young creative chefs are successful with our Lucullus concepts and are growing steadily.

The advantages are obvious:

  • Lower personnel costs help to save costs
  • Use of fresh products reduces unnecessary expenses / less throw-always/ costs reduction
  • Vegetarian and vegan cuisine can also be provided for
  • No long cooking and preparation times / flexibility increases
  • A great culinary variety possible thanks to the many combination options
  • With the Lucullus Table System energy costs in the kitchen are reduced drastically
  • A new gourmet experience is conquering the restaurants

We are glad to be at your disposal when planning or reopening your restaurants with our many years of experience gained in the gastronomic sector Hot Stone.

First test the Hot Stone

Should you first want to “test” the Lucullus Table system in your undertaking, it would make sense to use our Test Sets.

In this way you can first test the Hot Stone – no risk and convenient – in your undertaking and convince yourself of its advantages.

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