Hot Stone Accessories

Accessories to work with the Hot Stone

Apart from the equipment of the Hot Stone basic set we also offer further important and useful accessory items for the Lucullus Table System:

  • The Lucullus stone lifter in two lengths
  • Batter spreader to prepare crepes

The lifter for the Hot Stone

To work with the heated steatite with ease and particularly without a risk, a sturdy stone lifter is simply a must. The stainless steel grip of our lifter which is precisely fitted to the thickness of the Hot Stone provides for simple transportation and placement of the Hot Stones. The steatite should always be placed in position with the stone lifter when in use as the risk of being severely burnt by the Hot Stones is high at an operating temperature of some 300°!

  • The ergonomic wood handles ensure relaxed working for the user
  • The stone lifter can be hung to a rail using the eye suspension at the top end.

The batter spreaders for the Hot Stone

Have you ever made crepes yourselves on the Hot Stone? Uncomplicated with our little batter spreaders. And believe us, preparing your dessert in this way on the Hot Stone is not only fun for the little gourmets.

Art.Nr. L0005K
Stone lifter, short, Inox, shaft of ash wood, for hanging,
not dishwasher-proof.
Size: 20 cm
Stone lifter, short
Art.Nr. L0005L
Stone lifter, long, Inox, shaft of ash wood, for hanging,
not dishwasher-proof.
Size: 75 cm
Stone lifter, long
Art.Nr. L0006
Batter spreader beech wood,
not dishwasher-proof.
Size: B x H: 6 x 13cm
Batter spreader

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