The Hot Stone for private use

The Hot Stone has entered the private kitchen some time ago

The Lucullus Table System is not only designed for use in gastronomy, but also for private use. The Lucullus Table Set is also widely applauded in a comfy atmosphere at home among friends and acquaintances.

No matter whether as a couple, among friends or at a garden party; this indulgence will delight both you and your guests.

The Stone needs a temperature of at least 280°C.

The fact that modern kitchen ovens in the meantime can even reach maximum temperatures over 280°C has surely contributed to ever more Lucullus Hot Stones finding their way into home kitchens. Your oven should reach a minimum temperature of 280-300°C to provide the stone with the temperature it requires.

Surprise your guests with something quite special

  • Quick provisions of the ingredients
  • Relaxed indulgence at table
  • No substantial preparation
  • Numerous options for variation
  • healthy food
We can promise you: with the Lucullus Table System your next party will turn into a special event.

Rent a Hot Stone

Simply contact us for information about our Hot Stone Catering Boxes. We provide you with all you need from a single source. All you have to do is to provide the ingredients and the feast on the Hot Stone can begin.

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