The Hot Stone for the Caterer

The Hot Stone in Gastronomy​

The Hot Stone is then, as still today, a culinary experience of outstanding nature.

There are many reasons in favour of using a Hot Stone in gastronomy:

  • offer your guests something very special
  • achieve higher sales with a less, yet a better customized flow of goods
  • set yourselves apart from the competition thanks to the special service
  • offer your guests unlimited possibilities of variation with most varied ingredient combinations
  • you work efficiently while saving space with the Lucullus Table System
  • lower your overall costs by the targeted, easy to control flow of goods
  • . . . simply to mention some of the advantages of the Lucullus Table System.

Set yourself apart from competitors

and offer your customers something special. The Lucullus Table System is particularly exceptional. We have been supplying and serving gastronomy with our Hot Stone for over 28 years – not least with ongoing innovations in the gastronomical event sector. The Lucullus concept has not only been developed for, but also with the caterer: economical, practical, efficient. You will appreciate all this in your daily work with the Hot Stone

Service for the Hot Stone

You not only get the Hot Stone and the required accessories from us, we are at the disposal of all our customers to advise and support them even later on.

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