Hot Stone is not equal to Hot Stone

A Hot Stone quality comparison

Contrary to many Hot Stone set designs of some competitors, our Lucullus Table System has been carefully considered and tested for Quality, Functionality and Safety from the very first day.
Our version of the set is not cheap but good value for money, i.e. worth its price. We can therefore rightly claim:

Lucullus Hot Stone is not equal to any Hot Stone

Materials of higher quality pay off.
And you will find this out quickly in your daily work with our set – we promise!

What can Lucullus Table System provide which other hot stones cannot:

  • from the first to the last morsel – warm food! The density of our Steatite Stone is so high that after heating to the ideal temperature, cooking can go on without much ado for up to 45 minutes.
  • the ergonomic, modern design of the set allows for their stacking, saving space and expedites work.
  • the “levitation” of the high quality stainless steel sheet prevents the wood from being affected by the heat of the stone and with its slighter reflection care for slighter temperature loss, i.e. prolonged heat on the stone.
  • all the materials of our set are certified and controlled and certified for use with food.
  • all parts of wood are treated with food-safe impregnation which has also been developed and approved for children’s toys.

You get quality certified in every detail from us. Manufactured in Italy – individually tested for quality in Germany.

We do not only sell a Hot Stone, but a perfect system for the restaurant business. A system for a healthy, eventful meal.

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