Hot Stone Dressing

The correct dressing on the Hot Stone is a guarantee for a perfect dinner

In the following please find the instructions leading to a perfect treat on the Lucullus Table:

  1. Place the Lucullus Natural Stone onto the previously selected heat source. After the recommended heating time, use the stone lifter provided to take the Hot Stone out using the stone lifter provided and place it in the depression of the stainless steel serving tray.
  2. You can now place the Lucullus Table Set as desired by grasping the wooden frame that has been milled to be user-friendly.
  3. When you grill meat or fish, strew a little salt onto the natural stone prior to placing your food onto it. It is advisable to turn your uncut piece of meat early on after about 3 to 4 seconds on both sides. The pores of the meat are closed and the loss of important nutrients is prevented.
  4. Now cut bite-size morsels off and cook them to taste – “rare”, “medium” or “well-done”.
  5. Finally dip the cooked meat in the bowls provided and filled with the dips, the recipes and creative possibilities of which are almost unlimited. It goes without saying that for a vegetarian and vegan relish any kind of vegetable can be prepared on the natural stone. However, the vegetable should be blanched a little beforehand to ensure the full taste unfolds.
  6. Furthermore, we recommend cutting the vegetable into flat slices after blanching to obtain the very best taste and to ensure that it is perfectly cooked or grilled on the Hot Stone grill. Finally place the vegetable onto the Hot Stone and wait just a little until the perfect result is achieved!

Find a wealth of illustrated gourmet proposals here under the menu item Inspirations!

Finally room for a Hot Stone Dessert

As considerably less heat (max. 200°C) is required to prepare a dessert we use the residual heat of the steatite after having prepared our main courses.

We simply turn the Stone with the lifter to use the clean underside.

For the dressing with cheese the surface should be smooth, without salt. For fruit, crêpes and the like the surface should be strewn with a little sugar first.

Enjoy your meal!

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